13th APHN Council, October 2013 to June 2014


Back row: Prof Ying-Wei Wang, Dr Annie Kwok, Ms Mary Schumacher, Dr Ghauri Aggarwal, Ms Dorothy Wong, Dr Wen-Hao Su, Dr Nguyen Phi Yen, Dr R Akhileswaran, Mr David O. Abel
Seated: Prof Satoru Tsuneto, Dr Ednin Hamzah, Prof Tetsuo Kashiwagi, Prof Cynthia Goh, Prof Hyun Sook Kim, Prof Sang Yeon Suh (Prof Suh had to leave the Council due to her work commitments – Prof Dae Seog Heo had taken over wef 7 Feb 2014), Dr Karin E. Garcia
Absent with apologies: Prof M R Rajagopal, Dr Richard Lim, Assoc Prof Srivieng Pairojkul and Prof Patsy Yates

Associate Professor Cynthia Goh Chairman Co-opted (Singapore)
Professor Tetsuo Kashiwagi Vice-Chairman Appointed (Japan)
Professor M R Rajagopal Vice-Chairman Co-opted (India)
Dr Ednin Hamzah Honorary Secretary Elected (Malaysia)
Dr R Akhileswaran Assistant Honorary Secretary Appointed (Singapore)
Ms Dorothy Wong Honorary Treasurer Elected (Hong Kong)
Dr Ghauri Aggarwal Assistant Honorary Treasurer Elected (Australia)
Prof Dae Seog Heo Member Appointed (Korea)
Dr Richard Lim Member Appointed (Malaysia)
Mr David O. Abel Member Appointed (Myanmar)
Ms Mary Schumacher Member Appointed (New Zealand)
Dr Karin E. Garcia Member Appointed (Philippines)
Associate Professor Ying-Wei Wang Member Appointed (Taiwan)
Associate Professor Srivieng Pairojkul Member Appointed (Thailand)
Dr Nguyen Phi Yen Member Appointed (Vietnam)
Professor Satoru Tsuneto Member Elected (Japan)
Professor Hyun Sook Kim Member Elected (Korea)
Dr Wen-Hao Su Member Elected (Taiwan)
Professor Patsy Yates Member Co-opted (Australia)
Dr Annie Kwok Member Co-opted (Hong Kong)

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