1st APHN Council, May 2001 to May 2002

FRONT ROW (left to right): Dr Lai, Dr Goh, Dr Hinohara (APHN Patron), Dr Kashiwagi, Dr Shaw (Executive Director) BACK ROW (left to right): Dr Hong, Ms Nightingale, Dr Krings, Dr Oommen, Dr Smales, Dr Nishitateno, Dr Tejawinata, Dr MacLeod, Ms Irene Lo (Observer, Hong Kong), Dr Hai, Dr Devaraj, Dr Chan ABSENT: Dr Chao, Dr Heo, Dr Kumar, Dr Leong, U Hla Tun, Dr Yuen

Dr Tetsuo Kashiwagi Chairman Appointed (Japan)
Dr C H Leong Vice-Chairman Appointed (Hong Kong)
Dr Enoch Lai Vice-Chairman Elected (Taiwan)
Dr Cynthia Goh Honorary Secretary Appointed (Singapore)
Ms Ellen Nightingale Assistant Honorary Secretary Appointed (Australia)
Dr Ranjit Mathew Oommen Honorary Treasurer Co-opted (Malaysia)
Dr Roderick MacLeod Assistant Honorary Treasurer Appointed (New Zealand)
Dr Suresh Kumar Member Appointed (India)
Dr Sunaryadi Tejawinata Member Appointed (Indonesia)
Dr Dae-Seog Heo Member Appointed (Korea)
Dato’ Dr T Devaraj Member Appointed (Malaysia)
U Hla Tun Member Appointed (Myanmar)
Dr Catherine Krings Member Appointed (Philippines)
Dr Kin-Sang Chan Member Elected (Hong Kong)
Dr Kenji Nishitateno Member Elected (Japan)
Dr Young-Seon Hong Member Elected (Korea)
Dr Chantal Chao Member Elected (Taiwan)
Dr Kevin Yuen Member Co-opted (Australia)
Dr Libby Smales Member Co-opted (New Zealand)
Dr Hoang Hoa Hai Member Co-opted (Vietnam)

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