7th APHN Council, September 2007 to September 2008


Seated from left: Fan Kwan (Hong Kong), Rhodora Ocampo (Philippines), Cynthia Goh (Singapore), Young-Seon Hong (Korea), David Chung (Taiwan) and Susan Marsden (New Zealand). Standing from left: Noreen Chan (Singapore), Temsak Phungrassami (Thailand), M R Rajagopal (India), Ednin Hamzah (Malaysia), Margaret O’Connor (Australia), Kenji Nishitateno (Japan), Dinesh Goswami (India), Ming-Liang Lai (Taiwan), Asuncion Kalalo (Philippines) and Angela Tulaar (Indonesia).

Professor Young-Seon Hong Chairman Appointed (Korea)
Professor Tetsuo Kashiwagi Vice-Chairman Appointed (Japan)
Dr David Chung Vice-Chairman Appointed (Taiwan)
Associate Professor Cynthia Goh Honorary Secretary Appointed (Singapore)
Dr Susan Marsden Assistant Honorary Secretary Appointed (New Zealand)
Mr Kam-Fan Kwan Honorary Treasurer Co-opted (Hong Kong)
Dr Rhodora Ocampo Assistant Honorary Treasurer Elected (Philippines)
Dr Dinesh Goswami Member Appointed (India)
Dr Angela Tulaar Member Appointed (Indonesia)
Dr Murli Naraindas Member Appointed (Malaysia)
Brig. Gen. (Retired) David O Abel Member Appointed (Myanmar)
Atty Asuncion Kalalo Member Appointed (Philippines)
Professor Margaret O’Connor Member Elected (Australia)
Dr Kenji Nishitateno Member Elected (Japan)
Dr Noreen Chan Member Elected (Singapore)
Professor Ming-Liang Lai Member Elected (Taiwan)
Dr Temsak Phungrassami Member Elected (Thailand)
Professor M R Rajagopal Member Co-opted (India)
Dr Ednin Hamzah Member Co-opted (Malaysia)
Dr Luong Ngoc Khue Member Co-opted (Vietnam)

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