Amendments to the Constitution was passed at the 13th Annual General Meeting held in Bangkok on 11 October 2013. These amendments were approved by the Registrar of Societies. To download a printable version of the lastest Constitution, please click here.

No. Article
1. Name
2. Place of Business
3. Values and Objects
4. Powers
5. Patrons
6. Membership
7. Membership Rights and Privileges
8. Cessation of Membership
9. Entrance Fees, Subscriptions and Other Dues
10. Supreme Authority and General Meetings
11. Proceedings at General Meetings
12. Council
13. Duties and Powers of the Council
14. Proceedings of Council
15. Duties of Council Members
16. Accounts
17. Endowment Fund
18. Trust Property and Trustees
19. Notices
20. Prohibitions
21. Amendments to Constitution
22. Interpretation
23. Disputes
24. Dissolution

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