Article 18


18.1   The title of all and any real property which may be acquired by or for the purposes of the Association shall be vested in Trustees who shall be appointed by the General Meeting and who shall enter into a deed of trust setting forth the purposes and conditions under which they hold the said property in trust for the Association.  Trustees may be appointed in the countries where any immovable property of the Association is situated.  The number of Trustees in any one country shall not be less than two (2) or more than four (4).

18.2   Any Trustee may at any time resign his trusteeship.  If a Trustee dies or becomes of unsound mind or moves permanently from, or is absent for a period of one (1) year from, the country where he was appointed Trustee in respect of immovable property situated thereat, he shall be deemed to have resigned his trusteeship.

18.3   If a Trustee is guilty of misconduct of such kind as to render it undesirable that he continues as a Trustee, a Council meeting may remove him from his trusteeship.  Vacancies in the trusteeship may be filled through appointment by the Council.  Such appointment shall then be notified to the Registrar of Societies of the Republic of Singapore and the Commissioner of Charities.  (Amended, 3rd AGM, March 6, 2003)

18.4   The addresses of immovable properties, names of Trustees and any subsequent change must be notified to the Registrar of Societies and the Commissioner of Charities of the Republic of Singapore.

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