Article 9


9.1   A member shall pay such entrance fees and annual subscriptions as the Council may determine from time to time.  The Council may determine different entrance fees and subscriptions –

(a)   for different categories of members; and
(b)   for members from different sectors.

9.2   The entrance fee shall be paid within six (6) weeks of acceptance to membership and the annual subscriptions shall be paid in advance.  If a member falls into arrears with his subscriptions or other dues, he shall be informed immediately by the Honorary Treasurer.  If he fails to settle his arrears within three (3) months of their becoming due, the Chairman may order that he be denied the privilege of membership until he settles all his dues.  If he falls into arrears for more than six (6) months, he will automatically cease to be a member and the Council may take legal action against him to recover the arrears provided that he has been given due notice of such action. (Amended, 2nd AGM, May 2, 2002)

9.3  Any additional fund required for special purposes may only be raised from members with the consent of the General Meeting of the members.

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