Article 3


3.1   Values

The Association –

(a)  respects each individual, regardless of race, sex, age, intellectual or socio-economic standing;
(b)  values every moment of life and does not support any action that has the intention of shortening a person’s life;
(c)  recognises the importance of the family as the unit of care and care giving;
(d)  believes that the individual and family are entitled to make informed decisions about care;
(e)  respects the confidentiality of all information arising out of the provision of care;
(f)  believes in empowerment of the individual, the family and the community;
(g)  respects the faith, belief system and culture of each individual; and
(h)  respects the rule of law and will work within the law of each country.

3.2   Objects

The objects of the Association shall be to promote the development of hospice palliative care in the Asia Pacific region in accordance with the values of the Association by –

(a)  facilitating the development of hospice palliative care programs and other relevant initiatives;
(b)  promoting professional and public education;
(c)  enhancing communication and dissemination of information;
(d)  fostering research and collaborative activities; and
(e)  encouraging co-operation with other professional and public organisations.

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