Annual General Meeting 2017


AgendaAGM2017Dear APHN Members

We wish to inform you that the 17th Annual General Meeting will be held in Singapore on Thursday, 27th July 2017, at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. Please find notice of the meeting and the Agenda as attachments to this email. “Any member who wishes to place an item on the agenda of a General Meeting may do so by giving notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary fourteen (14) days (by 13 July 2017) before the meeting is due to be held.” (Constitution 10.6).

At the 17th Annual General Meeting to be held in Singapore, the following Council Members will be will be stepping down. There will be 3 council positions up for election.

Appointed Members

• Dr Priyadarshini Kulkarni (India)
• Mr Kwan Kam Fan (Hong Kong)
• Dr Maria Witjaksono (Indonesia)
• Dr Jeanno Park (Korea)
• Professor Satoru Tsuneto (Japan)
• Professor Patsy Yates (Australia)
• Dr Richard Lim (Malaysia)

Elected Members

• Professor Yoshiyuki Kizawa (Japan)
• Dr Akhileswaran Ramaswamy (Singapore)
• Dr Chun Kai Fang (Taiwan)

All three council members are eligible for re-election.

Co-opted Members

• Dr Ednin Hamzah (Malaysia)
• Dr Chong Poh Heng (Singapore)
• Professor Sushma Bhatnagar (India)
• Dr Jun-Hua Lee (Taiwan)

Appointment of Council Members

Seven appointed members in 2015 have served their 2-year terms and will be stepping down. Seven members will “be appointed by the sectors on a rotation to be determined alphabetically according to the name of the sectors.” (Constitution Article 12.2a). In the coming 17th Annual General Meeting, the following sectors shall be eligible to appoint 1 member each to the 17th and 18th APHN Council for a term of 2 years:

1. Myanmar
2. New Zealand
3. Mongolia
4. Philippines
5. Singapore
6. Taiwan
7. Thailand

Please note that “Council members shall also be Individual Members of the Association who reside in any of the sectors. A Council member appointed by a particular sector must be resident in that sector.” (Constitution 12.3).

Representatives to vote at the AGM (For Ordinary Organisational Members only)
Only fully paid up Ordinary Organisational Members are allowed to vote (Constitution Article 7). They need to be represented by an Individual Member resident in that sector (Constitution 11.7).

Payment of Membership Fee
Please ensure that your membership is up-to-date for:
• Ordinary Organisational Members if you are sending a representative to vote at the AGM;
• Individual Members if you are representing organisational member(s);
• Individual and Organisational Members if you are nominating and or seconding a candidate for Election.

Deadline for return of Forms
Appointment of Council Members to 17th and 18th APHN Council - 13 July 2017
Nomination for Election to APHN Council  - 13 July 2017
Representative to attend 17th AGM  - 20 July 2017

For enquiries, please email to or call +65-62355166 (Mondays to Fridays, 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM, GMT +8.00).

We look forward to seeing you in Singapore.

With warm regards
Associate Professor Ghauri Aggarwal
Honorary Secretary
Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network

*Please note the deadline for submission of forms 

Appointment of Council Members to 17th and 18th APHN Council (Deadline 13 July 2017) 

Representative to attend 17th Annual General Meeting (Deadline 20 July 2017)

Nomination for Election to APHN Council (Deadline 13 July 2017)





Thursday July 27, 2017



1230 to 1330 hrs



Room 335 – 336, Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore



  1. Welcome by Chairman, Associate Professor Cynthia Goh


  1. Confirmation of Minutes of the 16th Annual General Meeting held on Thursday August 25, 2016 in Hue, Vietnam


  1. Matters Arising


  1. Amendments to the Constitution


  1. Elections to the 17th APHN Council


  1. Presentation of the Annual Report


  1. Presentation of the Audited Accounts for FY2016


  1. Appointment of Auditors for FY 2017


  1. Any other Business


  1. Date and Venue of next Annual General Meeting



A/Prof Ghauri Aggarwal

Honorary Secretary