APHN-Hospis Malaysia: Workshop on Grief & Bereavement Care

Dear Palliative Care Colleagues ,

Workshop on Grief & Bereavement Care: 14 – 15 December 2019

One of the aims of palliative care is to provide support to patients experiencing death anxiety and stress of cumulative loss, thereby creating a more healing environment for patients and their caregivers while at the same time being aware of the process of grief and own self-awareness issues.

This two-day intense workshop concludes our final series of palliative care workshops for 2018. The workshop is designed to facilitate the process of adaptation to loss and aims to greatly relieve suffering within the critical care setting by focusing on end-of-life needs.

Associate Professor Amy Chow from the University of Hong Kong and Dr Gilbert Fan from Singapore, both will be facilitating this course which is designed towards a very interactive and engaging experience. This workshop will be immensely valuable to clinicians, psychologists, social workers and counselors managing palliative care and care of the dying.

We would appreciate participants who are interested to submit their registration online at the Hospis Malaysia website https://www.hospismalaysia.org/griefandbereavement/

You may refer to the programme attached here.


Thank you


Yours Sincerely,

Dr Ednin Hamzah

Chief Executive Officer, Hospis Malaysia

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