APHN is Hiring!

Dear friends,

The APHN is hiring a full-time Executive based in our Singapore office. If you are interested to apply for the position, please send your CV with a cover letter to secretariat@aphn.org.

Note: Please ensure that you are eligible to work in Singapore without a work visa before applying. 

Requirements: Preferably 2-3 years of working experience in the non-profit industry.

Job Description – APHN Executive

The APHN Executive is responsible for running the Secretariat of the APHN.

  1. Membership

To maintain a register of current members and take responsibility for communication with the APHN membership, including

1.1      Acting as the first point of contact for all queries received via phone, web chat and email, with transfer of the APHN office line to mobile phone when out of office. (KPI: all queries to be replied within 24 hours, weekends and public holidays excluded)

1.2       Timely email communications and engagement with members. (KPI:  to seek relevant approval within 24 hours of receipt of request and to send email communication within 24 hours of approval being given, weekends and public holidays excluded)

1.3       Processing online and offline membership applications, renewals and subscription payments.

1.4       Sending out regular email reminders for membership dues

1.5       Supporting membership committee in review and upgrade of membership benefits and other value-added features for members.

1.6       Maintaining up-to-date members database and services directory

  1. Financial Accounts

Ensure that the APHN accounts and reporting are in compliance with the relevant rules and regulations, including

2.1       Maintaining full set of accounts using MYOB software

2.2       Prepare CPF submission, annual report, yearly budget forecast and audit schedules

2.3       Monitoring bank statements and accounts

2.4       Developing and implementing an expense payment procedure, incorporating table of authorities.

2.5       Working with the accountant(s) and auditors during the external annual audit and ensure compliance with the rules and regulations.

  1. Governance

Ensure good governance in accordance with APHN Constitution and requirements of the regulatory authorities such as the ROS and IRAS, including

3.1       Organisation of the Annual and other General Meetings.

3.2       Organisation of the Council Meetings, including teleconferences if necessary.

3.3       Keeping minutes of the General and Council Meetings.

3.4       Coordinating the work of the APHN committees.

3.5       Ensure compliance with the law and good governance procedures, such as conflict of interest disclosures, timely submission of documents (e.g. annual report, audited accounts, IR8A form, issuing of employee itemised payslip) to relevant authorities

  1. Communication

Enhance communication among the APHN membership by improving web-based communication, including

4.1       Keeping website with up to date notices, web-based announcements and articles. (KPI:  to seek relevant approval within 24 hours of receipt of request and to post web-based communication within 24 hours of approval being given, weekends and public holidays excluded)

4.2       Maintaining APHN website with regular updates to user interface and layout

4.3       Develop and maintain a monthly e-newsletter for members

4.4       Moderating online discussion groups

4.5       Increasing awareness of palliative care and the APHN through social media sites

4.6       Create and implement new web-based initiatives, for example, starting an online forum, having sites in other languages, webinar sessions

4.7       Engaging the APHN communications committee and volunteers with regards to enhancing the web-based communication.

4.8       Assessing improvements to the webpage features such as seeking regular feedback from members.

  1. Others

Taking on any other duties as may be required by the APHN Council, including support for APHN projects such as the Lien Collaborative for Palliative Care and the Asia Pacific Hospice Conference.

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