A Story of a Mother

06122013-2This is a story of a caregiver, who herself is also suffering with a life limiting condition. She got support from Children’s Palliative Care Project (CPC) of Indian Association of Palliative Care, launched in Mumbai, in collaboration with TATA Memorial Hospital and International Children’s Palliative Care Network. Dr. Pradnya Talawadekar, Country Co ordinator, CPC Project, India, writes the story of this mother for ehospice series, ‘What Palliative Care Really Means to Me’.

She is taking care of her three young daughters suffering with HIV – aged 12 and 5. One of her twin daughters is mentally retarded. She herself was diagnosed as HIV +ve, 5 years back, through the PPTCT (Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission) intervention project. Her husband deserted her after he came to know about the disease…read more

“I used to feel why all this happened to me? But when I started attending the support group meetings, I got to know that there are many children and families who are facing the same situation. Palliative Care Team gave me the strength to fight the situation.”

From ehospice India edition

Published on: 6 December, 2013 | Last modified: 6 December, 2013