China Palliative Care Foundation Course

The first batch of China training began back in July 2021. This year, China continued with its zero covid policy, which meant lockdowns in parts of China.  The lockdowns, along with the increase in Covid cases in many parts of Asia presented a real issue for the students and faculty members.  This delayed some of our mentoring classes and halted the plan for Clinical bedside teaching (onsite). Hence, both the fundamental teaching sessions and clinical case discussion sessions were conducted online weekly in the form of webinars.

By the end of June 2022, the program in China completed 40 hours of fundamental teaching sessions and 40 hours of clinical case discussion sessions, with the great support of 30 volunteering faculty from five sectors: Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China. The teams provided mentoring for the trainee hospitals regarding the knicks and knacks of starting out palliative care services in the hospitals. The mentoring session concluded on 22 October 2022, which was followed by a mini graduation milestone for the group with three selected hospitals to share their learning journey at the Mandarin Hospice Summit 2022 organised by the APHN.

Here are some of the post training survey results:

High satisfaction from training                                >90%
Will recommend training to others                        >90%
Relevance of training to future plans                     >80%
Relevance of training to daily work                        >70%
Training improved related knowledge                   >90%

1st China Lien Collaborative Cohort from 22 Hospitals

With the completion of the Foundation Course in China, we have seen 102 healthcare workers from 22 institutions trained under the Lien Collaborative programme thus far. Statistically, the top five hospitals (or their affiliated departments) in China are currently part of our training cohort.

Written by Mr Giam Cheong Leong (APHN Executive Director) & Mr Lee Jiak Jee (APHN Executive)

Published on: 30 November, 2022 | Last modified: 30 November, 2022