Choices, choices: Are you interested in palliative care postgraduate study?

20140117-02“Almost everyone who wants to do a palliative care post-graduate course is doing it because they want to care better, which is a wonderful thing.” – Mr Michael Cox

When looking to advance your career or broaden your knowledge base, returning to university for postgraduate study is a great option. But with so many choices, which course is the right one for you?

Determining what course to undertake will vary depending on what students are aiming to gain from furthering their education; they must consider their current work and family situation, finances and location.

There are currently 11 universities and centres in Australia that offer postgraduate study in the fields of palliative care, chronic pain, nursing, counselling and public health, all varying in price and length of study…read more

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Published on: 17 January, 2014 | Last modified: 17 January, 2014