Commemoration of World Palliative Care Day 2014 – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka | To commemorate the World Hospice and Palliative Care Day 2014, the Ministry of Health and Sri Lanka Medical Association organized a join activity which took place on 9 October, 2014. Dr Eshani Fernando (Director, National Cancer Control Programme – NCCP , Ministry of Health), started off the event with a welcome speech. The highlights of the activity were the 2 technical sessions, namely, “Development of Palliative Care in Medical Practice in Sri Lanka” and “Strengthening Palliative Care beyond Medical Practice”. In session 1, invited speakers from the National Cancer Institute of Sri Lanka spoke about Palliative Care in different settings such as in a non-cancer setting or oncology setting. Palliative Care nursing, social services support, hospices and home-based palliative care topics were also presented to the participants in Session 2.

APHN would like to share some pictures of the event with all our members and friends in the region. We would like to invite you to share your moments of celebration with us. Do drop us an email at so that we can feature more World Hospice and Palliative Care Day celebrations!

斯里兰卡|为纪念2014年世界纾缓关怀日,卫生部和斯里兰卡医学协会在2014年10月9日共同举办了一个活动。活动由 Dr Eshani Fernando(国家卫生部癌症控制计划 – NCCP 主任)揭开序幕,为在场的观众致辞。活动的亮点在当天所举办的两个技术会议上。它们分别是 “Development of Palliative Care in Medical Practice in Sri Lanka (姑息治疗在斯里兰卡的发展)” 和 “Strengthening Palliative Care beyond Medical Practice (加强姑息医疗在医学范畴外的发展)” 。活动还特地邀请了来自斯里兰卡国家癌症研究所的代表分享他们的经验。姑息护理治疗,社会服务的支持,安宁疗养院和以家庭为基础的姑息治疗也是该活动所探讨的一些话题。

APHN 希望与所有的会员分和朋友享活动的照片。我们也想借此机会邀请您与我们分享任何在亚太地区举办的世界纾缓关怀日庆祝活动。请电邮至 联系我们!

Published on: 13 October, 2014 | Last modified: 13 October, 2014