Kenya – Ministry of Health acknowledges the need for palliative care

220814Palliative care is a very important aspect in management of cancer and other chronic illnesses.

This was the message from the Ministry of Health to health care stakeholders during a recent dissemination of cancer and palliative care guidelines exercise in Nakuru County, a meeting that brought together 47 representatives from six government and four mission hospitals.

“Most people have previously thought that hospice care is for the dying, a belief that is not true as there is a lot that can be done under palliative care for one to lead a dignified life from the point of diagnosis,” said Dr Odongo, Ministry of health, Head of oncology.

Speaking at the same event, KEHPCA Executive Director Dr Zipporah Ali also echoed the same views that palliative care helps patients die in dignity. “Hospice is not a physical place, rather a concept of health care delivery to those dealing with life limiting illnesses. When we label patients as being on ‘their way out’ we tend to give them less time and support. This should not be so. Palliative care seeks to support these patients holistically, meaning that these patients need more of our time and support to enable them to live comfortably for as long as they are alive…” read more

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Published on: 22 August, 2014 | Last modified: 22 August, 2014