Story about Paediatric Palliative Care shared on China television programme

Republished with permission from Butterfly Children’s Hospice, China


Community Hero is a CCTV documentary program, which supports public welfare projects and promotes community action. As a nominee, Naomi  shared the story of Butterfly Children’s Hospices on Chinese television.  Ju Ping, a famous Chinese children’s television presenter, visited Butterfly Home with a television crew. Naomi introduced her to some of our staff and our amazing children, and spoke from her heart about the children’s needs and their great courage. Ju Ping also joined Naomi at Hunan Normal University Kindergarten fund-raising market. Naomi’s role often takes her out into the community, where she works incredibly hard fund-raising and educating.

Later Naomi led thousands of volunteers in a dance expressing hope for creative solutions to public welfare concerns.  After sharing her story, answering questions and being evaluated by judges, Naomi won the Community Hero vote, and was awarded 300000 RMB for the work of Butterfly Children’s Hospices.

We’re so thankful for all the hard work she put in to make this happen.  It’s wonderful to receive such a tremendous donation, and it was also fantastic to have a story about children’s palliative care shared on national television. Many people are not aware of the pressing need for specialist children’s palliative care, and this was an amazing way to start that conversation in homes all over the country. Thank you Naomi, and thank you to everyone from the Community Hero show!

Published on: 5 April, 2016 | Last modified: 5 April, 2016