Volunteer Reflections: Jacqueline Chan

Being an international student and a complete stranger to palliative care, I felt very welcomed by APHN and encouraged to learn at my own pace.

I learnt a lot of things that I expected to learn —about palliative care and its immense breadth, about the importance of education and conversation, about what non-profit organizations do—but also plenty more. I learnt about some of the challenges that non-profit organizations face and overcome. I have been able to contribute my own ideas and perspective in a friendly and flexible environment. Most importantly, I have come out with a better understanding of the reality of NGO and palliative care work overall, and how it is possible for anyone to contribute to a cause whilst doing what they are best at or comfortable with.

If I had to give the next intern one piece of advice, it would be to ask lots of questions! I have had the opportunity to speak to doctors, social workers, and people of different backgrounds who were all very open to share their journey, passion, and advice for palliative care. The conversations I have had with these people have shaped and solidified my interest in palliative care.

I’d like to thank APHN for allowing me to have this experience and for treating me so well during my time with you. I am very privileged to have the opportunity to meet you and contribute, even if it was only for five months. Thank you and see you!

Published on: 1 November, 2022 | Last modified: 20 June, 2023