Advance Care Planning strategies – a workshop held in Thailand


Healthcare providers, policy makers, and legal officers across Thailand joined to share their knowledge regarding Advance Care Planning (ACP), one of the most challenging issues they face in their work, at the sixth Thai Palliative Care Society (THAPS) Pal2Know workshop in Bangkok last month.

Even though a law about Advance Directives has been in place since 2007, dispute and unrest are still high among those who work in palliative care, partially due to the lack of knowledge and practical guidelines on the subject.

This workshop, supported by THAPS and Thai Health Promotion Foundation, acted as a vital bridge between palliative care workers and policy makers to discuss key components and strategies that would lead to more success of ACP in Thailand.

The workshop comprised of two days panel discussion. The first day focused on an easier and more concise definition of ACP for the greater public and individual stories about each person’s experience of more

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Published on: 12 August, 2015 | Last modified: 12 August, 2015