Advance care planning: Whose agenda is it anyway?

Draft 1PALLIATIVE MEDICINE, 2014;28(8):997-999. One of the challenges we face in end-of-life care today is juggling the multiple agendas within advance care planning [ACP]. Whose agenda is it anyway? Patients, families, health-care professionals, commissioners of care, legislative frameworks or society as a whole? How do we support adults with a life-shortening illness to live with, prepare and plan for dying in an individual way without focussing only on planning for incapacity, treatment decisions or fitting them into a preconceived and possibly inflexible system of how a good death should be. How do we bring together the multiple agendas allowing equal weight to both the process and outcomes? ACP has to be more than a “tick box policy driven formulaic response…” read more

An article from Media Watch, compiled and annotated by Barry R. Ashpole (Ontario, Canada). More reports can be found at IPCRC.NET

Published on: 19 August, 2014 | Last modified: 19 August, 2014