Amy’s story

Republished with permission from eHospice

In this article, Amy-Claire Davies shares her experience with children’s palliative care. She talked about how her family grieved as they came to terms with her being palliative. She was grateful that palliative care had helped manage her symptoms, supported her psychologically and enhanced her quality of life. She came up with a bucket list to encourage herself and was able to complete some of them eventually.

Palliative care is not just about medical care; it about treating your symptoms, supporting you, and giving the patient a better quality of life. It’s a partnership that works on the basis of trust, belief in each other, and an awful lot of hope.

“We believe that quality of life is better than quantity; I’ve learned that it’s not the dates on your gravestone that matter, it’s the dash in between.” – Amy-Claire Davies

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Published on: 13 January, 2017 | Last modified: 13 January, 2017