APHN calling for volunteer writers for the website and monthly newsletter


Dear palliative care workers and volunteers in the Asia Pacific Region, we are calling for volunteers to contribute your stories to our website and newsletter. We welcome any story that you will like to share with us.

This may include

  • Local news on palliative care developments in your country
  • Reports of  past or upcoming workshops, concerts, events and activities in your palliative care community
  • Stories on your work in palliative care, patient stories,
  • Sharing on what you do for self-care (like baking, going on holidays)
  • Patient cases that you will like to bring up for discussion with other palliative care experts
  • ANY OTHER STORY you will like to share

As long as you have an interest in finding out more about palliative care and have some free time to write, please feel free to drop us an email at aphn@aphn.org  or visit our website www.aphn.org to find out more!

If you will like to contribute on a regular basis, we also welcome you to join the APHN editorial team!


Published on: 14 July, 2015 | Last modified: 14 July, 2015