APHN-Hospis Malaysia Palliative Care Workshop: Communication Skills

APHN-Hospis Malaysia Workshop

Workshop on Communication Skills (06-07 May 2017)

Effective communication is absolutely necessary in imparting ‘bad’ news, dealing with issues of treatment, psychological ‘taboo’ topics, spiritual and existential concerns which can be very challenging and must be managed appropriately. In fact, good communication is inherent in connecting with patients and their care givers. The facilitators of this workshop are Dr Rebecca Coles-Gale, Clinical Health Psychologist at the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, UK and Dr Sylvia McCarthy, Medical Director of Hospis Malaysia.

For further information, please contact Wai Mun at +61-03-9133 3936 (ext: 267) or email education@hospismalaysia.org

Published on: 7 April, 2017 | Last modified: 7 April, 2017