APHN Monthly Webinar Series, APHN Dialog, IS BACK!

Dear friends,APHN dialog poster_4

The APHN dialog, a monthly webinar series featuring distinguished speakers on palliative care topics, IS BACK! Recognizing the need for more Asia Pacific centered webinar series for e-learning and discussion, the APHN Dialog will continue for the rest of 2016. We will like to thank you for all your support and participation in our pilot project. With many people signing up for the webinars, we were able to channel resources to develop this initiative and reach more interested participants in the region.

For the 4th Session of the Dialog, we have Assoc Prof Jun-Hua LEE, APHN Council member and an experienced clinical social worker, to speak on the topic of bereavement care. She has been our member since APHN started in 2001, and was also a speaker at the 11th Asia Pacific Hospice Conference in Taiwan in 2015. Further more, the webinar is FREE FOR ALL PALLIATIVE CARE COLLEAGUES. Sign up now at this link today! (For our friends who could not access the link, please email Joyce at aphn@aphn.org with your name, occupation, place of work and country)

Do look out for announcements via our website and Facebook page so that you do not miss the discussions!

Published on: 8 June, 2016 | Last modified: 8 June, 2016