APHN Syringe Driver Exchange Programme 2016

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Dear friends

The APHN Syringe Driver Exchange Programme 2016 is back! The aim of the programme is to facilitate a donation of useful syringe devices across international boundaries as well as networking. Through this programme, any palliative care institution (APHN Organisational Member) can initiate a request to APHN by sending via email to the Joyce, the APHN secretariat. Successful applicants will be informed and we will connect them to a donor service.


If your organization is phasing out syringe drivers with the introduction of alternatives, a significant number of these useful devices could be made available for palliative care services in the region!

The donated syringe driver will help to put a smile to the patients in who need them!

Here’s an exerpt from an article on the previous Syringe Driver Exchange Programme:

“*Juleka, who is turning four this year, was diagnosed with a retinoblastoma in 2011. She received 6 cycles of chemotherapy and completed radiotherapy in 2011. Although she lives in a city which is which far from the capitol city of Dhaka, her father ensured that Juleka completed her treatment. In June, 2015, Juleka began complaining of headache and chest pain. Around the same time, she also complained of vomiting and her retinoblastoma regrew. Then, she developed convulsions. They came to ASHIC Foundation and discovered that her disease had already metastasized to the brain and chest. She was suffering from severe pain and convulsions. Dr. Shahinur Kabir used the donated Grasby Syringe driver for her pain and convulsion here at the ASHIC Foundation, the first pediatric palliative care service established in Bangladesh. She was the first paediatric patient to use this syringe driver. The donation of this syringe driver makes it possible to see smiles on palliative patients here in Bangladeshread more

We strongly urge you or your organization to contact us if there are any syringe drivers that you can donate.

Please fill up the form at this link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rQixEzXI4P64Om9gMfaL7GJT69oTwEeCSe1gszuz0W4/viewform before 30 April 2016.

Thank you once again for your significant contribution to improve care for patients in the Asia Pacific Region!

For any inquiries regarding the programme, please contact Joyce at aphn@aphn.org.


Published on: 2 March, 2016 | Last modified: 2 March, 2016