Barry Ashpole Media Watch: 13 April 2015 (#405)

An article from Media Watch, compiled and annotated by Barry R. Ashpole (Ontario, Canada). More reports can be found at IPCRC.NET

Awareness of palliative care among doctors of various departments in all  four teaching medical colleges in a metropolitan city in Eastern India: A survey

Journal of Education & Health Promotion | 26 March 2015 – The results suggested that 85% of the doctors [i.e., study participants] felt that cancer was the commonest reason for the palliative care teams to be involved. Seventy four percent … mentioned that pain control was their prime job; 53% said that they are enjoying their encounter with palliative care, so far; 77% of the doctors thought breaking bad news is necessary in further decision making process; only 22% of the doctors reported the WHO ladder of pain control sequentially, 35% of the doctors believed other forms of therapies are useful in relieving pain, 35% of the doctors thought that they gave enough importance and time for pain control; 77% said that they had heard about a hospice, among them still 61% of the doctors thought that the patients should spend last days of their life at home. Thinking of the future, 92% of the doctors think that more and more people will need palliative care in the coming days. Amongst the doctors of various departments, there is a lack of training and awareness in palliative care…read more

Published on: 27 April, 2015 | Last modified: 27 April, 2015