Barry Ashpole Media Watch #496

Barry Ashpole Media Watch

The latest issue of Media Watch, compiled and annotated by Barry R. Ashpole (Ontario, Canada) can now be downloaded here. More reports can be found at IPCRC.NET

International Publications:

Doctor hits the road to deliver palliative care to Toronto’s homeless

ONTARIO | CBC News (Toronto) – 17 January 2017 – Dr Naheed Dosani is a palliative care doctor in Toronto, but his patients are in homeless shelters, drop-in centres and even on the streets. He dispenses much-needed health care to the 5000 vulnerable and marginalised people, with many at the end of their lives. Dosani says the palliative care team’s visits are not just a check-in, they are building bonds and relationships over time. Dr Simon Colgan states that palliative care is a human right for everybody in Canada, has also set up a similar mobile service.

Who will care for the caregivers?

THE NEW YORK TIMES | Online – 19 January 2017 – According to AARP and the National Alliance of Caregiving, nearly a quarter of caregivers are now millenials, equally likely to be either male or female, with a third providing more than 21 hours of care per week. One third of them hold full-time jobs, while a quarter work part-time. This volunteer army is put at great financial risk, even worse, perhaps, is the physical and emotional toll of extended caregiving. For many, caring for a loved one provides tremendous purpose and fulfilment, deepening relationships, then it seems that the goal should not be to reduce family caregiving but to reduce its burdens.

Lawmakers should support improving palliative care access

MINNESOTA | The Mankato Free Press – 15 January 2017 – The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network in Minnesota is working on legislation to establish a state advisory committee to identify barriers preventing access to PC. The panel’s mission would be to help lawmakers identify gaps in health systems, consumer education, workforce development and promote solutions. Making sure Minnesotans have access to such a complete form of care is a cause every lawmaker should be able to support.

Published on: 9 March, 2017 | Last modified: 9 March, 2017