What does Brexit mean for UK hospices?


This article originally appeared in ehospice

Jonathan Ellis, Director of Policy & Advocacy at Hospice UK wrote an article in ehospice regarding Brexit and UK hospices. Here’s an excerpt of the article

‘Business as usual’

Beyond the high politics of the last few days, the close result of the referendum means that our country is divided, and hospices are not immune to that. Our staff, volunteers and supporters will all have different views on the outcome as well as the issues involved.

It’s vital to ensure that everyone coming into contact with us – whether as a patient, a family member, a supporter, donor or customer of a charity shop – continues to feel comfortable and welcome, regardless of who they are or their views on the outcome of the referendum.

For instance, personal views expressed by staff and volunteers could easily and inadvertently alienate supporters and donors.

Our focus should be on working together through these uncertain times, and healing some of those divisions…

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Published on: 5 July, 2016 | Last modified: 5 July, 2016