Celebrating Prof. Cynthia Goh’s Legacy: Free Publication Offer in Honor of Her Memory

Today, we pause to honor the remarkable legacy of Prof. Cynthia Goh on the second anniversary of her passing. A trailblazer in palliative care across Singapore and the Asia Pacific, Prof. Goh’s dedication and vision continue to inspire. Her tireless efforts ensured that countless individuals could find solace and dignity at life’s end. Let’s remember her profound impact and carry forward her compassionate mission.

In honor of Prof. Goh’s enduring spirit, we are offering our publication ‘to let the light in’ for free*. As Dr. Goh beautifully expressed, ‘Expressed in poetry, we are able to savor to the full the myriad of feelings that we and others have had, often brushed aside in the busyness of life. We can see more clearly what it is all like – the many facets of human experience.’ (The Straits Times, 2021)

Our publication, ‘to let the light in’, is a collection of poems written by patients, caregivers, healthcare workers, and poets from across the Asia Pacific. With 111 poems featured in 11 languages (with English translations), it addresses one of humanity’s most universal experiences: the journey of life before death.

*Shipping charges apply. We will distribute only one book per individual.

Thank you for your interest. The order form is now closed.

Published on: 13 February, 2024 | Last modified: 7 March, 2024