Compassionate Korail: young people learn about palliative care

From eHospice

The children’s fair held in the Korail slums attracted at least 1000 children to attend, where various NGOs (non-government organisations) opened up stalls to showcase their activities. Momotamoy Korail (Bangla for ‘Compassionate Korail’), the community palliative care centre, had a stall at the fair where children could find out about palliative care for older people in the slum. Their stall provided information about palliative care in general, paediatric palliative care, and the Compassionate Korail project activities.

“…Another one said he had seen us with a doctor visiting his uncle’s house. When we started, the people of Korail didn’t know where we came from, or why we came to Korail slum. But today the story is changing, while the Palliative Care Assistants and volunteers walk through the slum, many of them know that they are from and for ‘palliative care’ and do something for the incurably ill dying patients.

We all are waiting for the day to come when the slum people will come forward and say that they want to run a palliative care centre by themselves, like they run a number of community schools, mosques and take initiatives for community facilities like safe water supply and electricity…read more

Published on: 20 October, 2016 | Last modified: 20 October, 2016