Countdown to APHN 15th Anniversary special edition of newsletter – Day 5

Day 5 – First Executive Director, Dr Rosalie Shaw

Dr Rosalie Shaw [2]

Dear friends

It’s FIVE MORE DAYS to the release of the Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network (APHN) 15th Anniversary special edition newsletter on 25th APRIL! With the combined efforts of the pioneers in the 1990s, Dr Hinohara, our Patron, and his vision of an organisation that would support hospice workers in Asia, was finally born in 2001. (Yes, that is the APHN) If you have been following the previous countdown article, you will have noticed the picture of one of the pioneers standing beside him. YES, SHE IS OUR FIRST EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, DR ROSALIE SHAW!!!

First APHN Council

Dr Rosalie Shaw served as the Executive Director (ED) from 2001 until her retirement in 2009. During her appointment, she has traveled to about 21 countries, giving lectures, conducting bedside teaching and served as a management consultant to hospice and palliative care programmes in the region. In an interview with ehospice in 2013, when asked what she thought was her greatest contribution to palliative care, she said this, “I have been very privileged to work with so many wonderful women and men who are facing extraordinary challenges to establish palliative care services in the developing world.  It has been my joy to share my knowledge and experience with them.  This was possible through the APHN.  I was very honoured to be the first Executive Director of APHN and to establish a network where there was a sharing of fellowship and expertise across many countries.”

Flinders Students, 2008
Flinders Students, 2008

We are also very honoured to have Dr Rosalie Shaw build up the APHN for the past decade. Today, we will like to share with you some articles for you to know more about her.

Dr Rosalie Jean Shaw and Fixing hearts– a summary on her professional journey into palliative care

International Women’s Day 2013 – Interview with Dr Rosalie Shaw

Soft Sift in an Hourglass – A book written by Dr Shaw. This collection of stories tells of her experiences. They are distilled from countless hours, days and often nights, spent caring for people and families who were living with dying. Her words speak not just of pain, loss and conflict, but also of courage, dignity, love and hope. Unflinching in their honesty, they bear witness to the struggles and triumphs of those facing the end of life, and allow the reader a rare glimpse into their lives through the eyes of a hospice pioneer.

Published on: 20 April, 2016 | Last modified: 20 April, 2016