Do we need to rethink palliative care?

281014When you hit the wall according to Prof Norelle Lickiss, it gives one time to watch others work – and get some thinking done.

It’s different from when you’re heading for the wall, Professor Lickiss told delegates to the Palliative Care NSW conference in Sydney today, where she delivered the Barbara Leroy Memorial Lecture.

After better than half a century in medicine, in clinical practice, education and research in Australia and overseas, Professor Lickiss hints that she may have reached that wall and the impact has brought about some new reasoning. Walls aside, she says that her thinking over recent years has altered the way she perceives end of life treatment – not that she’s some neophyte – more that she has perceived and absorbed the truths around us over a lifetime of practice and observation…read more

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Published on: 28 October, 2014 | Last modified: 28 October, 2014