Insight into being a carer

Republished with permission from CareSearch

When Donne was diagnosed with late stage oesophageal cancer, her daughter took up the responsibility to care for her needs. For most of the 6 months of caring, Donne was either asleep or had friends over for chats. Their efforts in trying to go on their normal daily routines were criticised and labelled as being in denial.

However, it was the additional responsibilities of keeping track of medication schedules and doctor appointments which left little time for communication. During the times Donne’s daughter felt overwhelmed or unsure, they had the support of the Royal District Nursing Service and the Western Palliative Care Service. At the end of Donne’s journey, her daughter saw meaning in having cared for her mother, through the grief and loneliness. She was also glad to have loved and accompanied her mother out of this world.

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Published on: 17 January, 2017 | Last modified: 17 January, 2017