Introducing 목숨 (The Hospice) movie

The Hospice by Chang-Jae Lee / South Korea | 2014 | 110”/54” | Color

2014 Busan International Film Festival | Wide Angle: Documentary Competition

This film is set in a hospice located outskirts of Seoul, where terminal patients who cannot find any more hope come to finalize their lives. On average, a patient spends his or her last 21 days in the hospice, trying to make the most out of what remains of life and preparing for a peaceful death. Some succeed in spending quality time with their beloved, but others keep struggling against the reality of their imminent death. The film invites the audiences to the hospice and offers a unique opportunity to observe the patients and how they deal with death.

Contact: / +82 2 730 0747

The Hospice Trailer in IDFA 2014 Docs 4 Sale from Documentary Airways on Vimeo.

Published on: 19 January, 2015 | Last modified: 19 January, 2015