Japan’s 1st community-supported hospice for children to open in Osaka

Plans are going ahead to build the first community-supported hospice for children in Osaka, Japan with support from Uniqlo and The Nippon Foundation.

The Japan Today reports on the announcement by The Children’s Hospice Project (CHP), The Nippon Foundation and Uniqlo of a plan to build Japan’s first community-supported hospice for children to go ahead. The hospice will boast 979.11 square meters of floor space over two floors, on a 2,000-square-metre property. The TSURUMI Children’s Hospice will have playrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and accommodation for children and their families.Construction starts in mid-March 2015, with plans to open in December this year.Run by volunteers and at no cost to users, the hospice will use donations to offer medical, educational, and childcare resources, as well as respite care services. Volunteers will include medical practitioners, nurses, school teachers, and nursery staff. The collaborative project aims to use the hospice to create an environment that is community friendly and fully supported by the public…read more

From ehospice.

Published on: 23 March, 2015 | Last modified: 23 March, 2015