Lien Collaborative for Palliative Care Teaching Schedule




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Dates Country Activity
January 2015 Myanmar 4th teaching programme
June 2015 Sri Lanka 3rd teaching programme
July 2015 Myanmar 5th teaching programme
September 2015 Bangladesh 3th teaching programme
January 2016 Myanmar 6th teaching programme
February 2016 Sri Lanka 4th teaching programme
March 2016 Bangladesh 4th teaching programme

Overseas Clinical Attachment program

The inaugural program commences September. Two doctor participants from Myanmar are scheduled to visit Singapore for 3 months, hosted by the Department of Palliative Medicine, National Cancer Centre Singapore. It is envisioned that this program will sharpen their palliative skills and broaden their perspectives through experiencing different care settings.

Please continue to follow us on our website on the latest updates on the Lien Collaborative.

Members who are interest to help us as teaching faculty during this period, kindly email us at or call +65 6235 5166 to find out more.

Published on: 7 September, 2015 | Last modified: 5 March, 2020