Lien Foundation to develop palliative care initiatives in Myanmar

CNA_130711The Lien Foundation initiative hopes to train about 30 doctors and nurses in better understanding what palliative care is and how to roll it out in a sustainable manner.

The week-long programme will be conducted bi-annually over three years.

Dr Cynthia Goh, chairperson of the Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network, said: “Here is something which is low-tech, which is easily available and cheap that we can do right now. For example, a radiotherapy machine costs $1 million and you need to set it up and you need to have the manpower to run it. We already have the doctors and nurses on the wards looking after the patients. We just improve their capabilities.”

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From Channel News Asia

Published on: 11 July, 2013 | Last modified: 5 March, 2020