Living will presents difficult choices for family

17092013CHINA.ORG (Beijing) | Online – 9 September 2013 – Choosing to end or sustain a life is a difficult choice no matter where you’re from in the world. Li Nan now looks at how people from different parts of China and the world look at living wills. When a loved one can only breathe with the help of a respirator, or have their heart beat using a pacemaker, do you continue fighting to keep them alive, or accept that it’s time to let them go? In China, some doctors and volunteers have formed associations to promote … living wills. It remains to be seen if specific laws will be enacted to put it into wider effect…read more

An article from Media Watch, compiled and annotated by Barry R. Ashpole (Ontario, Canada). More reports can be found at IPCRC.NET

Published on: 17 September, 2013 | Last modified: 17 September, 2013