Making time for children to play in palliative care programmes

091014“The sky’s awake so I’m awake and I have to play.” So says Princess Anna in the popular Disney animated movie Frozen. Children don’t only have the right to play, they need to play and this need does not go away because a child has a life limiting or life threatening illness. These children need to play more than most in order to find ways to process and understand what they are experiencing.

A special edition of Children – Open Access Pediatrics Journal entitled The Role of Play in Children’s Health and Development has recently published a paper entitled The Role of Play in Children’s Palliative Care. The paper’s authors are Sue Boucher (ICPCN); Prof Julia Downing (ICPCN) and Rise Shemilt (Gaddum Centre)…read more

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Published on: 9 October, 2014 | Last modified: 9 October, 2014