Member Spotlight: Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care

The Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care (SPHC) is dedicated to serving the terminally ill and their families at every step of their end-of-life journey.

Who we are

Established in 1986, SPHC is a non-profit charitable organization that provides end-of-life care services such as palliative care, bereavement support, professional training and life-and-death public education in Hong Kong.

What we do

SPHC currently operates two service facilities – Jockey Club Home for Hospice (JCHH) and Jessie and Thomas Tam Centre (JTTC).

JCHH is a 30-bed hospice in Shatin, Hong Kong that provides quality palliative in-patient care, home care and bereavement support to terminal patients from all walks of life. Warm and family oriented, JCHH encourages family members to accompany the patients during their final days.

As part of our commitment to serving those less fortunate, we have always dedicated half of the 30 beds at the Jockey Club Home for Hospice to underprivileged terminal patients and their families. For a modest fee, eligible patients can receive quality hospice care, ensuring that their last days are free of suffering and regret while their family members are well-supported throughout the grief period.

Meanwhile, JTTC is a community bereavement centre in Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong that provides bereavement counselling service, therapeutic groups and educational activities to the public at no cost.

It is our hope that, through advocacy and exemplary care, we can enable more people to live a full, positive life and face death with dignity and peace.


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About our Member Spotlight Series

Introducing our Member Spotlight Series, where we shine a light on the incredible work and impact of our member organisations in the field of palliative care. Each installment of this series is dedicated to showcasing the exceptional efforts of one organisation, highlighting their dedication to improving the lives of individuals facing serious illnesses and their families.

Each spotlighted organisation shares a common mission: to enhance quality of life, alleviate suffering, and provide comfort to patients and their loved ones during one of life’s most vulnerable periods. From pioneering advancements in pain management and symptom control to addressing psychosocial needs and spiritual support, our members are at the forefront of shaping the future of palliative care.

Through this series, we not only honor the dedication and expertise of our member organisations but also aim to raise awareness about the importance of palliative care. By highlighting the invaluable contributions of these institutions, we hope to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the specialised care and support they provide to individuals facing serious illnesses.

Published on: 3 July, 2023 | Last modified: 4 July, 2023