New guide to support young people through transition to adult services


This article originally appeared in ehospice

Due to medical advances, more and more young people with life-threatening health conditions are outliving their prognosis and making the move from children’s to adult services.

Life as an adult with a life-threatening condition can be very different to that experienced within children’s services.

The new guide, which has been co-produced with young people, provides information to plan the transition to adult services and to empower young people to plan their lives as they want to.

The first section of the guide outlines what young people can expect at different stages of the transition process to adult services, and the second section focuses on different aspects of life that young people may want to plan for as an adult, such as education, employment and living arrangements.

The guide ‘Moving to adult services: what to expect’ can be downloaded for free from the Together for Short Lives website.

Published on: 19 July, 2016 | Last modified: 19 July, 2016