New report finds half of dying Britons are not dying well

DyingManU.K. | Compassion in Dying – 1 August 2013 – A new report finds almost half of those who have lost someone close to them through a short or long illness, feel their loved one died badly (45%).1 In cases where the dying person had recorded their end of life wishes, relatives and friends are more likely to report they had a good death (58%). Alongside recording end of life wishes (19%), better communication between the doctor and their loved one (39%), coordination of care (33%) and being able to die in a place of their choice (31%) were also identified as key aspects which could have improved the situation for the person who died in a bad way. With the recent decision to replace The Liverpool Care Pathway with personalised care plans…more

1. Divided in Dying, Compassion in Dying, August 2013.

An article from Media Watch, compiled and annotated by Barry R. Ashpole (Ontario, Canada). More reports can be found at IPCRC.NET

Published on: 6 August, 2013 | Last modified: 6 August, 2013