Once upon a time… stories and boundaries

260914Hospice Director Dr Ros Taylor believes that hospices must be braver at telling stories, as a way to demonstrate the impact of their care. Reams of data reflecting activity, bed nights, home visits and telephone contacts really don’t tell a story.

In this article, she sets the example by telling two stories, namely, “The radio interview” and “The social media photo”. She sense is, just as with research, that there is enormous therapeutic value in giving people a voice and, in turn, we are collecting stories of impact which are a crucial form of narrative data to share impact.

Professor Harvey Chochinov has deconstructed the concept of dignity to understand what really underpins it in his article.  He suggests that one of the key aspects is a sense of legacy and generativity, ie people’s sense of dignity is enhanced by a sense of meaningful continuity to the next generation…read more

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Published on: 26 September, 2014 | Last modified: 26 September, 2014