Overview of palliative care events and conferences in 2016


Dear friends, have you ever wondered where are the palliative care events happening in your country? Were you curious about what palliative care events, conferences and activities other countries are having?

We have found a solution to your problem! APHN has collated a list of palliative care events and conferences that may be of interest to the community that is happening in 2016.

The events that we include range from Tweetchats, and online webinars to forums, talks and conferences. Workshops in palliative care catered to different disciplines are also included. Details of how to register, who to contact etc is available to you at once.

Best of all, with only a click of the botton, you are able to add the events you like into your Google calendar so that you will not forget about it!

The calendar will be updated regularly to include new activities whenever we hear about it, so do check back every week for new updates!

Access the calendar at https://aphn.org/events/ to view the events!

IF YOU KNOW OF A REALLY AWESOME EVENT THAT WE MISSED OUT, please email the details to Joyce at aphn@aphn.org so that we can share it with everyone!

What are you waiting for? CHECK OUT OUR EVENT CALENDAR TODAY!

Published on: 28 January, 2016 | Last modified: 28 January, 2016