Palliative Care News Update – September 2015

20140108-1Week 1 – 16 September

The weekly palliative care news update below are collated by our APHN volunteers and reviewed by the communications committee. If you will like to share with us some articles that you have read online, please feel free to email Joyce with the link at at


The unbearable weight of dying

Asia One | The writer addresses three different approaches to dying – the sanctity of life, the autonomy to end one’s own life and palliative care.

Religion rarely part of ICU conversation

Channel News Asia | The writer discusses the importance of listening and understand a patient’s spiritual and religious beliefs.

New Zealand

New Zealand: Palliative care review announced

Radio New Zealand | The government has announced it will look at how to improve palliative care services, and what future demand could look like. The review, to be conducted by the Ministry of Health and a palliative care advisory panel, will focus on improving services in the next three to five years, while considering the likely demand for those services in the next 10 to 20 years. It will cover primary and specialist services, and all care settings, including the home, hospitals, hospices and aged residential care facilities. An estimated 17,000 adults will use palliative care services this year, and that figure is expected to grow as the population does. The final report is expected by September 2016.

Photo credit: Ehospice


Published on: 16 September, 2015 | Last modified: 16 September, 2015