Practical ways to help people who are dying

From PCAeNews

“Support is ongoing, it’s not just the beginning and the end, it’s all the days in between.”

Gayle Sweaney, the chief executive officer of Palliative Care ACT, says the group is going to incorporate Ruth’s story into their education programs for volunteers and community members.

“We loved it so much we’re going to use it to hopefully inspire those who are in the same situation,” Ms Sweaney said.

Andrew says Ruth would be happy to know that her story might help other people. “She wanted to help people by showing them how to live and how to be happy, to take each day and live each day and be happy. She took the attitude I can die happy and enjoy what I have left or I can be miserable and say poor me and die unhappy.”

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Published on: 5 October, 2016 | Last modified: 5 October, 2016