Redesigning how we think about hospice architecture: The Business Side of Palliative Care

20140314-01Albany Community Hospice is currently in the process of constructing its new facility, but how do you go about designing a hospice from scratch? ehospice Australia spoke to Ian Howard from H+H Architects to discover what goes in to designing a hospice from its initial concept.

Not only is Ian designing a hospice to suit the needs of future palliative care patients, having cared for his mother in her final six weeks of life in a public hospital he knows first hand how a building can ease the transition into palliative care…read more

“We’ve tried to make the bathrooms less clinical … in fact we’ve tried to make the whole building less clinical.” – Ian Howard

From ehospice’s Australia edition

Published on: 14 March, 2014 | Last modified: 14 March, 2014