Retreat session on “self-care” by KOSISH, India


KOSISH the hospice announces the first week-long retreat session on ‘Self care’ to be held at its residential ‘ashram’ in an idyllic rural setting in the tribal state of Jharkhand in India, starting on 30 January 2016.

The session is open to all palliative care professionals, care givers, volunteers & anyone looking for a meaning in life. Various aspects of self care along with sessions on mindfulness, Yoga nidra, self realization and many more will be discussed and practiced based on ancient Vedantic perspectives. Concepts on afterlife and other hope sustaining strategies will also be focused on based on Upanishadic & Buddhist teachings. The aim of this session is to incorporate ancient teachings into our modern life in a practical, logical and acceptable manner. All basic facilities would be provided at the ‘ashram’ and participants would be expected to follow a ‘monastic’ way of life during the session. The ‘ashram’ is accessible by road & rail with nearest airports being Kolkata (300km) & Ranchi (160km).

Fees (inclusive of stay, food & teaching for seven days):  20,000 INR

Persons interested in attending the forthcoming palliative care conference in February at Pune can proceed from here. Local tours can be arranged on prior request. For further details please contact Dr. Abhijit Dam at

Published on: 8 December, 2015 | Last modified: 8 December, 2015