The solution to cutting the cost of aged care

This article was from PCAeNews.

The compassionate communities approach that started in Australia was touted by palliative care expert Dr Julian Abel. This model of care is not just for the palliative patients, it can also help people with chronic illnesses and others who need extra support and care. The approach aims to engage everybody to help out in one way or another, to foster stronger, healthier communities. It has helped reduce hospital admissions by 30% in south-west England and can reduce 5-6% in total healthcare costs if implemented across UK, according to Dr Abel.

The compassionate communities model in Canberra takes it further, by getting support networks initiated. Palliative Care Australia CEO, Ms Liz Callaghan mentioned that “the infrastructure around the primary health networks is a really good place to start” as the GPs will be able to identify vulnerable populations that they can help to network.

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Published on: 19 April, 2017 | Last modified: 19 April, 2017