Spiritual care at the end of life; how to reduce distress as we face dying

This article is originally from Palliative Matters.

Andrew Allsop, psychosocial and spiritual service support manager for Silver Chain and a Palliative Care Australia Board member, talks about how spiritual care differ from pastoral care and issues that tend to distress us in our dying days. Generally, spiritual distress is related to the dying person’s life story; their connections to people and places, the events and experiences that have given their life meaning and purpose.

Mr Allsop says the concept of spiritual care is often confused with religion and that providence of spiritual care requires being fully present to what the dying person is experiencing. There is increasing evidence showing spiritual care can improve general health outcomes, however, palliative care is one of the few specialties which recognises this importance.

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Published on: 10 February, 2017 | Last modified: 10 February, 2017