Understand your grief, so that you can deal with it


The unknown is scary. If you know what you are going through, you can deal with it.

Dianne Gray, chair of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation, shares with us an article on the five stages of the grieving process that teach us how to understand and deal with grief.

” Typically, grief occurs as a response to the loss of a loved one or to a serious personal injury or illness that you might be going through. It can also manifest itself after a relationship has ended or after a significant life change. Because of individual differences, the stages of grief may not always happen in the exact same way or in the same order. Knowing the emotional responses that are common, however, can help prepare you to navigate through the process without developing long-term issues….”

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From Pallium India Newsletter

Published on: 2 June, 2016 | Last modified: 2 June, 2016